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Getting started

PET terminology

  • A Process provider is a plugin that reads a process model and maps its information onto the PET meta model. E.g. the V-Modell XT process provider loads a tailored V-Modell XT project file.
  • A Tool provider is a plugin that uses the previously initialized meta model to create data needed by a certain external tool. E.g. the TFS tool provider generates a process template for Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server.

First steps with PET

PET comes packaged as a zip file; to use it, firstly extract it to a folder of your choise.
The main executable is called Tum.CollabXT.Wizard.exe. Run it.

As its name suggests it, the PET main executable is designed as a wizard that guides you through the steps necessary to convert a process model into the wanted products.
On the first page you are given the choice to either create a new PET project or to load a saved one. For this introduction we will create a new project. Click New project.

Following this you are directed to a page, which lets you select a process provider. Please select a provider according to the input process model.

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