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SharePoint Tool Provider

This page contains all information about the SharePoint tool provider. If you are new to the SharePoint tool provider, please follow the steps in Getting Started to set up the server. After the preparation of the server, you are ready to create a first project portal.

How to create a project portal for a V-Modell XT project in SharePoint

The following steps will take you through the steps necessary to create a SharePoint portal for a given V-Modell XT project. Make sure to have prepared the target server according to the steps described in Getting Started with SharePoint before attempting to create a portal.

The first couple of steps are the same for all tool providers:
  • Start the Process Enactment Tool
  • On the first screen you'll be asked whether to load a previously saved project or to create a new one. Select New Project
  • The Process Enactment Tool Framework contains a process provider for the German V-Modell XT by default. Select this provider and click Next
  • The following page contains the settings that are required by this process provider. It will ask you for a tailored V-Modell XT. This file is is exported by the V-Modell XT project assistant and usually called Projekt-V-Modell-XT.xml. The second file is the project file that can be obtained by saving a project in the V-Modell XT project assistant. It has the file extension VMP After pointing the process provider to both files, click Next
  • On this page, the tool provider can be selected. Choose the SharePoint tool provider and continue by clicking Next
  • This will bring up the tool provider configuration page for the SharePoint tool provider. The following information has to be provided:
    • The title of the portal page. This is the page title that will be shown in the browser window title
    • The name of the page to be created. This will be part of the site url. If the parent site is for example and the site name is myportal, then the full site url will be
    • The web application in which the new site shall live.
    • The parent site of the new site.
    • The directory that contains the V-Modell XT product template files.
  • After this information is given, the Next button should become available. Click Next. This will start the generation process. The generation takes a while because of the intensive interaction with the SharePoint server. After the generation, you can browse to the newly generated SharePoint site.

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